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Rebecca Lily Pro Set III | Wedding Photography Review

The Preface:

No two photographers are the same ; as individuals with different experiences & perspectives we all have our own unique vision that determines the body of work we create.

Over the past 16 months or so, I have worked hard on achieving a level of consistency within my body of work  - on achieving something that communicates my vision to my clients.

However, I believe that “There Is Always More” so I keep my eyes open for tools that might improve my vision. When I saw the opportunity to beta test Rebecca Lily Pro Set III,  I grabbed it with both hands. I played about with the beta version, but I was unable to provide any feedback prior to the release.    I now have a copy of the final release and here are my thoughts after spending some time with them.

I met Rebecca and her husband Johnny in person  earlier this year when they were in London for a photowalk with some other good folks, but this is the first time that I am using any of her products. I reviewed Pro Set III  from a wedding photographer’s perspective – all the images used for the purpose of this review were taken on actual wedding days apart from two that were taken during a bridal shoot in Tuscany last year.

My aim was to work with the Pro Set III on variety of images created under different lighting conditions, in different countries and of brides of different ethnicities etc, to see if it is a tool that can I use to assist me in creating beautiful images that my clients will value over time.

The tools that we photographers invest in (lenses, lightning equipment, presets etc) should aid is in achieving our vision.

Is Pro Set III compatible with the way I do things? Can it help me to create the body of work I want?  Let’s find out.

Note :

* Lightroom is my tool of choice for post processing, so presets play an important part of my workflow - my review is that of the Lightroom version of Pro Set III.

* All images were originally shot RAW on either a fujifilm X-Pro 1 or X100S. There is no editing done to the “original” images apart from converting them into JPEG for comparison sake.

* Pro Set III was then applied to the RAW files and sometimes the included toolkit was used to fine tune the image to achieve the result I was after.


The Product:

Designed with Professionals & Enthusiast in mind, Rebecca Lily Pro Set III draws on Rebecca’s own experience of shooting digital along with film.

There are 27 presets in total with 3 version of each. The presets are divided into 5 distinct groups:

-Black and White

-Bright Color

-Mid Color ( my favourite group)

-Deep Color

-Pastel Color

Included is also a Toolkit with which you can utilise to fine tune the presets to your liking.


The Test :

Here is a selection of images, originals as shot in camera compared to results achieved using Pro Set III

original // X-Pro 1


mid color // avalon


original // X-Pro 1


mid color // rio


original // X-Pro 1


bright color // ireland


original // X100S


b&w // matte light


original // X-Pro 1


mid colour // filmic


original // X100S


mid color // filmic

The Findings :

There are lots of presets here, and after spending some time trying them all, I figured out the ones that work best for me and my approach to things.

* For B&W : Matte Light is my pick of the bunch.

* For Color : the Mid Color group (Avalon, Chardonnay, Filmic, Hudson Bay, Kinfolk, Rio) were my favourite – they are simply stunning. They just suited the way I like to create images.

However, just as the Mid Colors are my favourite, I am sure the other Color Groups – Bright Color, Deep Color, and Pastel Color can easily be yours. Your vision will play a key role in the group that works for you.

Here are some examples of the other groups :

pastel color // la femme


pastel color // epiphany


deep color // dark mirror


bright color // ireland


b&w // orion


Each colour group works well on details such as weddings dresses, shoes, bouquets etc.

pastel color // amethyst & epiphany

grid 1

mid color // chardonnay & filmic

grid 2

mid color // filmic


But, the most important thing for me was discovering that Pro Set III produced beautiful results on all of the different brides that I used for this review. As someone who works with brides & grooms from numerous cultures and ethnicities it was vital for it to work well on various skin tones ; a result that will please fellow wedding and portrait photographers .

mid color // chardonnay


mid color // kinfolk


b&w // matte light


b&w // matte light


mid color // chardonnay


The Score:

A Win  :)

As a whole, Pro Set III is an outstanding product with plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste and help them achieve consistently within the body of work they create.

Rebecca Lily Pro Set III is a high quality professional tool which I believe will be a brilliant addition to any wedding photographers tool set.

The included presets are capable of producing images with beautiful tones and authentic colours.

In a highly competitive industry such as weddings, it is paramount to have a set of tools that help you create and communicate a unique vision to your clients and stand out from the rest.

I thoroughly enjoy the results that Pro Set III produces, and I believe that it can become an essential tool in my wedding photography arsenal.

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Chefchaouen (pronounced Shafshawan)   –  The Blue Pearl.

Located in northwest Morocco. This beautiful city sits beneath the raw peaks of the Rif mountains and has an absolutely stunning medina!
Almost everything in the old town is painted in various shades of blue, from the walls, to doors & floors.

It was surreal wandering through it’s narrow corridors for a few days, it felt like the game pacman, but a real life limited edition where everything was covered in blue.

Berber Stories, Lamb Tagines, Moroccan mint tea, hearing calls to prayer simultaneously from different mosques – my time there was an incredible experience, it felt like I had stepped into a different world.

SHUKRAN to everyone that I met on this trip ; the locals, the taxi drivers, the Berber Carpet makers, fellow travellers. Special thanks to Mohammad Sherief, who was effectively my local connect.

Here is Chefchaouen X-PLR’d :


X-PLR | CHEFCHAOUEN - Chefchaouen, Morocco | Fu... - […] Chefchaouen – The Blue Pearl. Located in northwest Morocco. This beautiful city sits beneath the raw peaks of the Rif mountains. Fujifilm x100s, Morocco (RT @vopoku: @Fujifilm_UK Blogged : My time in Northern Morocco.  […]

Wedding Photography Packaging | Chic Magazine Issue 10

I had the privilege of contributing to issue 10 of CHIC Magazine – The Natural Issue. CHIC is a high quality magazine for “Women Who Love Photography” and as per usual, their latest issue is filled with tons of great content such as shooting portraits with a Lensbaby, Travel Photography and Product Packaging.

My contribution was on the theme of “Pretty Packaging”  where I discuss my wedding photography packaging ; this is how it appears in the issue :

Happy Viewing.


CHIC Magazine : http://chiccritiqueforum.com

Kraft & Jute : http://www.kraftandjute.com

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