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During a period of reflection, I asked myself how could I make the body of work I create stand out? Specifically in regard to weddings, I compete in a market where there are some truly inspirational photographers from all over the world and if I am to make it, I need to have something that stands out, I need my own unique signature, something for brides & grooms to associate me with.

After jotting down a few ideas, I really liked the thought of “cutting people in half and then sticking them together as one final image.” I wasn’t sure how that would work or even if I could pull it off, but I took a pen to a paper and started messing around and eventually ended up with what I call “6 Squares.” Initially it was called “Half Frames” because the plan was to carefully cut the bride in half – top half, middle half and bottom half, then do the exact same for the groom. And then somehow put those frames together to make a complete image.

6 SQUARES™ | Creative London Wedding Photographer

the initial sketch –  ½ frames

Refining the idea:

So I now had this idea I want to bring to life but I had a wait of around 4 months before I could implement it. This gave me enough time to refine the initial sketch of 8 “half frames” to 6 frames.

6 SQUARES™ | Creative London Wedding Photographer

a refined version of the idea now consisting of 6 frames as to the 8 of the initial idea

The idea to life:

Isabelle & Florent’s wedding remains one of my favourite days ever, I mean what more could you ask for when a client tells you that “whatever you want to do, we are up for it.” With that in my mind, I said “guys I want to try something – I have never done it before, it could work out great or it could be terrible but I want to give it a shot anyways.” So we did, it wasn’t perfect but it was a start, it brought the sketch to life. I learnt from the mistakes I made and pushed to make the next ones I created better.

“6 Squares” is almost 2 years old and during that period I have only managed to do 5 of them. A much lower rate than I will like, but different factors play a role in me pulling it off on weddings days ; such as the amount of time allocated for portrait sessions since each single frame requires an accurate framing as possible for it to work.

My ideal goal will be to create “6 Squares” for each of my clients, and not only that, but for the clients to have the individual frames printed and hung on their wall to make one complete picture!

Let’s see how it goes, Creative London Wedding Photographer.


6 SQUARES™ | Creative London Wedding Photographer

6 SQUARES™ | Creative London Wedding Photographer

6 SQUARES™ | Creative London Wedding Photographer