A Bride Unveiled | Angie Luna

A Bride Unveiled

Issue 2

Bride : Angie Luna

Age: 32

Wedding Date : 08/10/2016

A Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled


I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and I knew early on that I wanted to explore the rest of the world. I have always been both a dreamer and a go-getter, and my good grades were my ticket off the island. I got a scholarship to study my master’s in Madrid, and I moved there in 2007.

That opportunity gave me a new perspective, and at 21 I learned how to be independent for the first time in my life. I dealt with the bureaucracy of living in a different country and in a different system without my usual support network. I met some difficult challenges along the way, but they only made me more resourceful and resilient. I worked hard to finish my master’s, and through professional experiences I discovered that marketing (on and offline) is my forte.

After five years in Madrid I felt the tug of wanderlust again, so I packed by bags and headed to Australia. I backpacked around the continent for six months, free from my usual 9 to 5. They were the most exciting months of my life, but my Spanish residency was about to expire so I had to go back. I got a job offer in Barcelona, and I moved here in 2012.

A Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled


They say that you can’t expect the love of your life to show up at your front door, but mine literally did. I was sharing a studio apartment with my then boyfriend, but when we broke up I had to find a place of my own, so the landlord put that place up for rent. Torben had just moved from Denmark and had contacted my landlord about my place. He didn’t speak Spanish (four years later he still doesn’t, but that’s another story), so my landlord asked me to show him the flat. He showed up exactly on time and when I opened the door I had no idea I was looking at my future husband.

He moved in the day I moved out. I sold him all the décor and kitchenware I wasn’t taking with me. I’m sure he only bought them to make me happy. My new shared apartment was on the same street so we stayed in touch. I showed him around the city and invited him to expat events. We exchanged hundreds of emails every day.

A Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled

Ten months later I was moving back into the studio apartment, but with him. If you ask Torben, he’ll say he knew he would marry me the moment we met. I was dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, so it took me time to see him as more than a friend.

Those first months living together were challenging. Our cultures clashed constantly, and I had a hard time giving up some of my independence. There were days I doubted my decision and I tried to create drama to push him away. He remained by my side through it all. Over time I learned to loosen up, and we started to pick up the best things about one another. I could be myself around him and we laughed all the time; this is what has kept us together.

He admired my wandering spirit and supported my desire to travel. He said yes to every place I wanted to go, though I’m still trying to get him to agree to go to India. I had already established a large Instagram following on my own (@eyesofthemoon), and I inspired him to start one that follows our travels together (@thejoergensen).


A Bride Unveiled


A Bride Unveiled


We were in Singapore staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel; the one with the famous rooftop infinity pool. I was kind of expecting a proposal during that trip but I always told Torben that I didn’t want a traditional restaurant dessert proposal. We had a great dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants but there was no proposal. We headed to the rooftop and he left to go to the bathroom. He was taking a long time, but I just assumed dinner had given him a funny stomach. He came back and nervously started taking something out of his jacket pocket; it was a red box. He started to say that he was a simple man and that he knew I wanted something elaborate but he wanted to do it in his own way. That’s the last thing I remember him saying, as I started crying immediately. To this day I don’t know what I said, but I had a beautiful ring on my finger and was calling my mom to tell her the good news.A Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled


Organizing and bringing together two families in different countries, time zones and cultures is not easy, so we decided to do our civil wedding in Denmark and our church wedding in the Dominican Republic.
We got married in Copenhagen City Hall in July 2016. After, we had lunch with his friends and family in a beautiful restaurant in King’s Garden. It was a perfect (rare) summer day. Even though that was our legal marriage, I wanted to count our religious ceremony as our official wedding day. In my mind, I wasn’t a bride until I was wearing a wedding dress.

A Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled

While Torben had handled the details of our civil ceremony, my mom arranged our wedding in the Dominican Republic. Being a control freak, it was hard for me to delegate the responsibility to someone else, but she did a wonderful job with even the smallest details.A Bride UnveiledA Bride Unveiled


In October that same year, we headed to the Dominican Republic. So did Hurricane Matthew. We had planned to have our wedding in an outdoor venue near the beach in the north side of the island but it was raining heavily and the roads were closed. But then, midweek, the rain stopped and the roads reopened. We were able to head to the north and spend the days before our wedding with my family.

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On Saturday October 8, 2016, we got married on a perfect sunny day in Las Terrenas. It was a small, beautiful ceremony. My mother had gotten everything right, from the food to the décor.

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We were surrounded by my family and best friends. The most important people of my life were there (my brother had just moved to NYC, and we even had him on FaceTime). My granddad walked me down the aisle and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. Everyone cried, especially when Torben read his vows; they were heartfelt and romantic, and reminded me why I decided to marry him.

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We spent a few days after the wedding on the island on a mini honeymoon before returning to Barcelona.
Our wedding day will always hold a special place in our memories.

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