A Bride Unveiled | Jessica Tobiesen

A Bride Unveiled

Issue 3

Bride : Jessica Tobiesen

Age: 30

Wedding Date : 14/01/2015

Bride Unveiled


I’m Jessica. I like food, I love to travel, I’m not good with emotional support, but can offer you unbiased opinions in a factual way, if asked to.

It’s super difficult for me to talk about myself, but if a friend were trying to describe me, I would hope they would say I’m kind hearted, quick with a smile, and have a sense of humor that borders on being too sarcastic.

Oh, I’m was born and raised in Orange County, California.


Call me a cynic, but I was never someone to believe in love. I remember as a child I would ask so many people how did you know love existed, or to define it to me, only to dismiss it as people using this concept as a method of rationalization to be in the convenience of a relationship. I guess it’s easy to say, I didn’t win many people over with this idea.

I don’t believe in fairy tales, although I love them. I don’t believe that there’s one perfect person for another in the world or that fate brings you together. But that’s exactly what happened with Even and I.

I met Even in a hostal in Jerusalem, over a common dining table. I was sitting stuffing my face with spaghetti, that someone had made the night before, and Even came to join some people at the table he had met earlier in Tel Aviv.

We both weren’t supposed to be there. I was meant to be in Charleston, South Carolina eating cornbread and drinking sweet tea, and Even had originally planned to be in Jordan, visiting Petra. But somehow, we ended up at the same place, at the same table, at the same time.
Offering me a beer before he went on a pub crawl for the evening I declined. I don’t drink beer, and I wasn’t exactly looking to make friends (unless they apparently cooked food).The next night out, as a group we went out to explore the nightlife around the old town.

This time Even didn’t ask, but bought a bottle of wine, placed it on the table and two glasses. I like wine then, and still do now, so that worked out fine, and we chatted the night away. He ended up going between Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem every day for the rest of his trip, to explore first (we are travelers after all), then to hang out with me in the evenings.

At the end of the trip we parted ways, I thought to never see each other again. Until he made a surprise stopover in Los Angeles on his way to a music festival 5 months later. We then started to plan trips together to meet; Norway, New York for Christmas, Texas while he was doing job training, and so forth.

Finally after about a year and a half of only seeing each other when we met up somewhere new in the world, we decided it would be a better idea to move together somewhere, instead of flying across the world. We then moved to Barcelona, a new equally unfamiliar place for both of us. Where we still now here, 4 years later.


I don’t have a magical proposal story. Like not at all. For a variety of reasons we decided it made sense to get married, and we both kind of just agreed upon it. Logic and practicality are two on my favorite things about Even.

A year after we were married however, while we were walking home from a birthday party, he did stop in the middle of the street, at 2am or so, and asked me to marry him. Just to say he had done it once. I said yes.


I take absolutely no credit in planning my wedding. Zitch. Zero. Nada.

For one, we got married in a civil ceremony, very low key. It’s exactly what I wanted. We did however, have two parties to celebrate, which again, I still take no credit in organizing.
One my father organized, in a very traditional Asian way. Even’s grandmother and mother flew in from Norway, and they, along with all my family enjoyed a typical 7 course meal, wine, and good conversation.

The second was a reception of sorts, held outside in a garden, with beautiful settings, simple decorations, food, drinks, the whole nine yards. Friends flew in, drove in, and generally appeared to celebrate. They’re the best.

After having heard of my nonchalant attitude towards the party, one of my best friends decided I had no taste and was unfit to plan anything, so he took over. I can never be thankful enough for this. Edward took charge and made the event more beautiful and stress free than I would have thought possible.

I was only in town for 1 week or so, and all my friends pitched in. Suzie made our cake, Quang ordered and got all the food. Christina did my hair, and then afterwards rolled silverware for the tables. April made our centerpieces, and Albert did our sound system, music, and slideshow. Shannon helped me shop for decorations, and Edward bullied me to getting so many things I never wanted, but was really glad to have in the end.

My part in planning the wedding? Basically I showed up, and send some messages with nice words to people to please come and hang out. It was fantastic.



I have never been someone who dreamed of a white dress or a big wedding. I’m not very comfortable with being the center of attention, and I actively tried to persuade all 5 of the friends I told not to attend. Thankfully one did, since apparently I needed a witness. There are probably 10 pictures in total of this event, and we went to eat Korean bbq afterwards. It was delicious.

We went to another friend’s for dinner that evening for a home cooked meal. I don’t know if I told her I was married or not at this point, and ended the evening out with some friends for drinks at a speakeasy.

It was my version of a perfect day spent with friends and food.