A Fresh Start

The last few years have been very interesting to say the least. I have shot incredible weddings, travelled to interesting places and met amazing people.

I believe that I have developed further on both a  personal and professional level, and after a period reflection I feel it is the right time to start all over again.

Special thanks to my “Magic 3”:

Sam (Point of Vue) for the new logo

Cotton Paperie for the brilliant business cards

Kraft & Jute for the stunning packaging

Each one of you were simply a joy to work with, I couldn’t have done it without you!


To anyone that has been part of the journey so far: Thank you!

To a new beginning…






  • Cotton Paperie - Couture Letterpress Stationery said:

    It all looks so wonderful! Glad we could be a part of the rebrand! You were wonderful to work with :)

  • Nkem Glo said:

    Love it. It's all in the detail :)

  • Malachi Ajose said:

    Beautiful mate, complete package.

  • Ayo Oduniyi said:


  • HerDefinition HD said: