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Hola! My name is Vincent and I shoot Weddings & Travel

Why Weddings
  • Why Weddings

  • People, Stories and Culture fascinates me. Wedding Photography enables me to build connections and share stories with people throughout the world. I get to be part of stories both near and far, I get to witness stories of promise, unity, hope, joy, love and commitment.

    It's such an incredible feeling, to see it all unfold before my eyes and be trusted to document and tell a story through my perspective. I have met some interesting people, experienced amazing cultures, eaten awesome wedding cakes & documented beautiful stories. I want more of the same, to spend the rest of my life meeting people from all over the world and documenting their love stories.

The Travelling
  • The Travelling

  • Travelling will always be part of who I am as a person and also part of my brand. It is possibly the best education that I have invested in, there is so much more out there! So much more to explore, so much more to experience, so much more to feel.

    The people I have met, the stories we exchange, the cultural experiences, languages as well as seeing things in different perspectives all helps me grow & develop both as a person and a photographer. I am curious about the world, willing to learn and my passport is up to date.

  • Location

  • Barcelona, Spain
    Available Worldwide

    E: us@vopoku.com