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“Maybe most of you do know about the BritpopPrincess…” the words of Mike’s father during his speech. I can recall Patricia mentioning that she has a very successful YouTube channel during one of our conversations. I will later be told by my little sister that “Patricia is amazing” when she recognised her whilst I was editing. YES! She is one of her many YouTube subscribers. Another friend would message me saying “BritpopPrincess was my biggest form of procrastination last year”, I quickly gathered that she was a hit with some of the ladies I knew, and it was easy to see why when I met her and Mike for a consultation.

The more she told me about the ideas she had for her wedding, the more I started to feel that her wedding day will be special. Two months later, the day she had been planning for was here and boy-oh-boy, it was special!

It was the perfect Spring day for a beautiful Northbrook Park Wedding, the venue served as the ideal canvas to document their story; even the peacock displayed its glory by spreading its feathers and dancing for five minutes.

But as always, it is the people that make a wedding, Patricia and Mike’s family and friends were a joy to document throughout the entire day. The seamless blend of two cultures was beautiful to witness.

There were so many precious moments from the day, including the tears of joy that were freely flowing from Patricia face as she walked down the aisle, to the battle for the bouquet in the evening. I could carry on writing but I think the photographs will do a better job at telling the story, so without further ado, here are some of the images from their day.




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