London Wedding Photography | Uchenna & Alex

I loved every single moment of this wedding! The weather was beautiful, the emotions were tangible and the live band who provided the evening’s entertainment were simply amazing.

In fact, I believe that some of my best work can be found in this wedding; “Smokeface” & “Time To Eat” just to point out a few. An organised day meant I had plenty of alone time with Uchenna & Alex to create a variety of images – the perfect opportunity to put a newly purchased lens through its paces.

A few “mini-stories” were captured throughout the day; including the little kids interaction with their toys and each other.  Another cool “mini-story” was the groomsmen cigar session where they even let a random guy join in on the fun!

A selection of Uchenna & Alex’s wedding photographs.

Happy Viewing…




  • Nana Bonsu said:

    Nice one Vinnie! Definitely captured the moments!

  • Chima Luke Okafor said:

    Gorgeous shots!

  • Vanessa Brantuo said:

    Yes Vinny. You capture every detail. Amazing!

  • Angella Nicholson-Porter said:

    This not only makes me feel like I want to be there, but I almost felt that I could hear the music and feel the whole vibe of the wedding. Great work