Official Fujifilm X-Photographer

Official Fujifilm X-Photographer

Had to sit on this for a little while but I can finally share it – I am now an “Official Fujifilm X-Photographer”

“X-Photographers” is a worldwide community of photographers selected by Fujifilm to represent their X-Series range of cameras, in my case the X-Pro 1 and X100s. It is an honour to be associated with such an incredible photographic company, especially during such an innovative period in their history. You can check out my profile + gallery on the Fujifilm X-Photographers website.

Thanks to Marc at Fujifilm UK for the invite; Let’s see what this brings.

A massive thank you to everyone that has been part of the journey so far – especially in the last two years!

X-citing times ahead…


Official Fujifilm X-Photographer

Official Fujifilm X-Photographer



  • Robin et les Super Héros / Photographe + Vidéaste / Lyon et ailleurs said:

    Great vincent.
    You deserve it so much... Really looooooove your work ;-)

  • Fred Fro said:

    Well done, V.

  • Jodi Gray said:

    Amazing news, thoroughly deserved.. and just step one in a fantastic and prosperous journey ahead!

  • Neill Soden said:

    Congrats man it's about time :)

  • Malachi Ajose said:

    Congratulations V