RNI Films App Review

RNI Films App Review

RNI Films App Review

The Preface:

Mobile photography has come leaps and bounds within the last few years. Manufacturers have stepped up and provided us with better cameras that come with our phones and we have companies which have developed apps that enable us to further develop the images taken with our phones. VSCOcam, Priime &  RNI Films App are just a few examples, not to mention social platforms like Instagram that allow us to share the images we create with the world.

VSCOcam made mobile photography fun for me ; It’s my go to from capture to edit whenever I take an image with my iPhone 5S.

However I recently download RNI Films App and was curious to test out its capabilities, so I decided to use it to edit a selection of images from my recent travels.


I shot the images like I normally would – with VSCOcam, (I never use the default iPhone camera) but instead of editing them in VSCOcam, I exported the images just as I had taken them to my camera roll and then imported them into the RNI Films app.

The Product:

  • Films:

“RNI Films is not a camera app, it’s a film app ” and it comes loaded with a good selection of films divided into 5 categories – Negative, Slide, Instant, Vintage and BW. Film stocks from Fuji, Agfa, Kodak & Ilford can be found within the categories. If the films included in the app are not enough for you, more can be purchased in-app.
I personally find the wealth of options overwhelming to be honest. Just like how I use A6 for 90% of my images in when i edit with VSCOcam, I found myself using Agfa Optima 200  for most of my colour images & illford Delta 100 HC for the black & whites.

  • Interface:

The app has a very simple interface. Launch it and you get a screen that ask you to load a photo.

RNI Films App Review

After loading a photo you have the option to crop it to various aspect ratios  or straighten it.

RNI Films App Review

Pressing “USE” takes you to the real editing phase where you are presented with various films to chose from, as well as the ability to fine tune things further using the editing tools.

RNI Films App Review

Adjustment can be made to brightness, the level of contrast, clarity, shadows and highlights, the level of warmth among others.

RNI Films App Review

When you are happy with the image, export it to your camera roll or upload it straight to you preferred social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

The whole process is very simple, easy and fairly straightforward!

The Test:

Here is a selection of images, originals as shot on my iPhone 5s compared to results achieved using RNI Films App // Originals above, Edited below.

RNI Films App Review

RNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App Review

The Findings:

Simulating the look and feel of particular film stocks is not what I was after when I was testing out the app. I was just after something capable of producing decent results, and there is no denying that RNI Films is capable of producing some stunning results. Especially in good light!

I am very impressed with what the app’s capabilities. With the wealth of films offered it can be easy to over do it, however I found that Agfa Optima 200 & Ilford Delta 100 HC does it for me.

Depending on the look and feel you are going for, I think there is something for everyone – from the subtle beauty found in the Negative Films to more rich and vibrant options found with the Slide Films. If nostalgia is your thing, there are the Instant Films for that!

Here are some more images:

RNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App ReviewRNI Films App Review

The Score:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with RNI Films, in fact I still am!

I really like the results attainable with RNI Films. There is a nice feel to the images as well as some lovely tones.

I know their goal is straightforward, nevertheless I can’t help but feel that this approach makes the app feel a bit underpowered. Not in terms of the final image, but in other areas such as the following:

Batch editing – I would love to be able to edit more than just one picture everytime I use the app. For example, if 5 pictures can be loaded at once and edited together, that will be a time saver!

The Crop & Straighten tool is only available right after you import an image, but becomes unavailable once you start to use the films & adjustment tools. These should be available as part of the adjustment tools in future update.

There is no way to save the stages you have made to the images, going back discards all the editing that you have done and you have to start all over again. To be fair you do get a warning message.

A dedicated export folder, a place where all images edited with RNI Films are automatically saved.

iPad version could be a killer! I don’t mean just create the exact same app for the iPad, but utilise the iPad strengths and create an app for it, especially one where the points above are addressed. I am not one to take pictures with my iPad but I will happily “airdrop” images taken with iPhone to edit on there.

Personally I wish it offered an all in one solution like VSCOcam and a few others do. But “RNI Films not a camera app, it is a film app” design enables you to “brings exceptionally beautiful colour separation and subtle analog flair of your favourite film stocks to your mobile” with a simple and straightforward interface. Credit to RNI, they have done a brilliant job, but making improvements to the areas I mentioned will make the user experience even better.  It’s an app with great potential. I will continue to use it as part of my mobile photography arsenal while keeping an eye out for future updates.

I hope you enjoyed my RNI Films App Review, get your copy in the App Store and have some fun.

As always fell free to drop me a line if there is anything you want to discuss.