Sri Lankan Wedding Photography | Gaya & Mayu

Wedding Photography is more than just turning up on the day and clicking away. There is the amazing element of building relationships with people: It begins from the initial contact, be it a phone-call or an email, and will last for months until the final product is delivered to the clients.

 Sometimes, a relationship lasts beyond the delivery of the final product and that is exactly what my experience with Gaya and Mayu has been.

 To begin with, they gave me a personal invitation to their wedding. They then invited me over to their house for dinner upon returning from their honeymoon, and shared the exciting news of Gaya’s pregnancy with me. As if that wasn’t more than enough, they even emailed me a picture of them with the newest member of their family shortly after she was born. We still keep in-touch and speak from time to time. It is mind-blowing considering the fact that the first time I ever spoke to Mayu was when he called me looking for a photographer for his wedding.

 Their two-day Sri-Lankan themed wedding was a breathtaking experience, not only as a photographer, but also as a person who is fascinated by culture. Every single sari which Gaya changed into was sublime! The array of colours and intricate details throughout the two days were a dream to document.

 The highlight of their wedding? That is a hard one, but I can narrow it down to either when Mayu and Gaya had to play a traditional game to determine who “wears the trousers” in the marriage, or the dancing competition between Mayu and his brother vs Gaya and her sister – it was epic! Them giving me the opportunity to partake in the rice blessing towards the end of day one was extremely special too.

 With their wedding spanning over two-days, we captured many images – the most I have ever had the pleasure of delivering to a client so far. Although this post contains a lot of images, trust me, it is just a fraction of the total that we captured.

 The prospect of building lasting relationships with clients like what develpoed between Gaya, Mayu and I, affirms my belief that I have the best job in the world!

 Special thanks to Gabriel ( for documenting the groom’s preparation and providing additional coverage throughout day one.

As always, Happy Viewing…




  • Kevin Dapaah said:

    Truly wedding photography at its best! A true artist at work capturing the spirit of the day! Looking forward to your next post!

  • Ayo Oduniyi said:

    this is excellent bro, super duper, loving the imagery mehn! Love it!