Sussex Wedding Photography | Ana & Chris

SUSSEX – Where it all began!

It was during the winter months of 2008, my first year at the University of Sussex, that I got my hands on my first camera.

The whole area of East & West Sussex was a contrast to the tall buildings and busy streets of London which I was used to. Ditchling Beacon, Devils Dyke, Stanmer Village and Nyman’s Garden are a few of the places that I would explore whilst living in Sussex.

The further I went exploring the area, the more I played with the idea of capturing the quirky little villages, sunsets and peaceful open spaces I came across. I wanted to make these memories last – so instead of purchasing a PlayStation 3, I invested in my first camera.

I spent 3 years in Sussex before I moved back to London upon the completion of my degree. I went to Sussex to study Economics, but I returned to London as a Photographer – a Wedding Photographer. I often joke with friends that I became a photographer by accident. A degree in Economics with prior studies in Chemistry and Biology doesn’t exactly translate into a career in Wedding Photography. But hey, life is funny like that sometimes I guess.

It was a strange feeling going back to Sussex after returning to London. It had shaped me to be the photographer that I am today. However, on this occasion, it was very special, to be on the train that was heading back to where it all began, but this time for a Wedding – Ana & Chris’ Wedding.

Their wedding was a warm, intimate affair. It was evident throughout the day that everybody at the wedding meant something to the couple. Take Rosie for example, she flew over from Portugal to be one of Ana’s bridesmaids – it was only right that she played a pivotal role on such a special occasion considering how instrumental she was in shaping Ana into the woman that she is today.

Becoming a Wedding Photographer was not something I contemplated or even thought was possible once I learnt a little something about shutter speeds, ISO, aperture values, composition, framing ect. But the vast open space at Ditchling Beacon, the incredible architecture of the Brighton Pavilion, the history of Anne of Cleves House in Lewis, along with everything within Sussex challenged me to better myself as a photographer. I now spend my weekends capturing the affection and happiness between two people in love; I get to be part of the important day of their lives.

New experiences embed themselves in your mind forever, and this is exactly what Ana & Chris’ wedding was; a wedding that will never be forgotten! The first wedding I documented in Sussex since I moved back to London.


Happy Viewing and Happy New Year.

P.S: anyone from the University of Sussex reading this: “S -U -DOUBLE S -E-X!!!”



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