Chefchaouen (pronounced Shafshawan)   –  The Blue Pearl.

Located in northwest Morocco. This beautiful city sits beneath the raw peaks of the Rif mountains and has an absolutely stunning medina!
Almost everything in the old town is painted in various shades of blue, from the walls, to doors & floors.

It was surreal wandering through it’s narrow corridors for a few days, it felt like the game pacman, but a real life limited edition where everything was covered in blue.

Berber Stories, Lamb Tagines, Moroccan mint tea, hearing calls to prayer simultaneously from different mosques – my time there was an incredible experience, it felt like I had stepped into a different world.

SHUKRAN to everyone that I met on this trip ; the locals, the taxi drivers, the Berber Carpet makers, fellow travellers. Special thanks to Mohammad Sherief, who was effectively my local connect.

Here is Chefchaouen X-PLR’d :




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  • Warren Burke said:

    Victor, wonderful images and by the looks all shot on a x100s which makes me want one even more. I have just blogged about my Eplr in Morocco in March this year with my XT1 with the 35mm and 18-55. If you read the blog you will see that I mentions the at time unfavourable reactions of the local people when I raised my camera. This has caused a little bit of discussion on facebook with some agreeing while others have said they never experienced the local people objecting to being in camera shot. Just wondered what experience you had with this? We plan (as Mentioned in the blog) to explore northern Morocco next year. My only dilemma is do I take my XT1 and 35 or invest in a x100. Great web site love your work best wishes W

  • Warren Burke said:

    Strangely enough having just read another of your blogs I followed a link to Thomas Menk scoop web page to find my Morocco blog on page 1! My blog and images of Marakesh, Essaouira and Tagazout are at http://www.luminis.photography/new-blog/morocco-no-plan-a-camera-and-a-phone-app